New screen prints

I have finished a new group of experimental screen prints. Each is unique within the group. The prints have multiple printed layers exploring overprinting, transparency and colour relationships. They are exploratory work, developing a way of working and thinking through making. Plans for the new year will be more printing, for use in collage combined with painting, working on paper and board. More images on my Current Work page here.


Abstract Painting

I spent a wonderful week on the 'Abstract Painting, Falmouth school of Art Intensive' at Falmouth University, earlier this month. I was exploring combining collage with paint. I took along some imagery I had printed from my drawings, and worked these into a composition with painted areas. I plan to develop this further in 2018, working with printed collage and paint on board. For more images click here.


drawings for new work

I have started work on a new body of screen prints. After a long break from making, my children are now all at school, so I am excited to be drawing again and getting back into my creative practice. Can't wait to get printing, watch this space............

Giant Woven Lampshade 2

I just couldn't live with the wonkiness........ so embarked on a second giant woven lampshade. With more help from Sara at NatureSparks, this one has a better shape. I used cane and wool again, mixing up different weaves and cane diameter to create texture. It gives off crazy light patterns when it's dark. I don't plan on a third giant lampshade, we have no more space......